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Special service for groups is a non-profit health and human service organization dedicated to building and sustaining community-based programs that address the needs of vulnerable communities.

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February 23, 2015 Did you know SSG has a bi-monthly newsletter, Connecting the Dots, that you can access on the site anytime? You can read about program updates, division milestones, and upcoming events. Find the latest newsletter here.

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Research and Evaluation Unit

Research and Evaluation Unit seeks to build the capacity of SSG programs and our community partners in using data effectively for their program planning, policy advocacy and organizational development. We have experience in conducting evaluation for different types of programs, including health, education, job training, youth development, and community organizing.

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APAIT• Asian Pacific Counseling & Treatment Centers • Alliance • Asian & Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance • Asian Pacific Recovery • Benefits Assistance Clients’ Urban Project • Children’s Dental and Outreach Project • Compton Referral Service Project • Faith In Communities • Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System • Hurting and Hungry Project • Occupational Therapy Training Program – Los Angeles • Occupational Therapy Training Program – San Francisco • Pacific Asian Alcohol and Drug Program • PALS for Health • Parents Neighborhood Youth Program • Project 180 • Research & Evaluation Team • Re-entry Maintenance Organization • Saath • SSG SILVER (Sustaining Independent Lives with Vital Empowering Resources) • Sustainable Urban Revitalization • The Painted Brain • Tongan Community Service Center • Weber Community Center